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The IAI has a long tradition of scholarly publishing, dating back to 1927. More recent publications have UK and US co-publishers and, where possible, co-publications in Africa are arranged. Suitable manuscripts from Africa are particularly welcomed.

The institute continues to publish the most eminent scholars in the fields of African studies and anthropology. A few past and present luminaries of the study of Africa published by the institute are: Emmanuel Akeampong, Samir Amin, Karin Barber, Alex de Waal, Patrick Chabal, Mary Douglas, E.E. Evans Pritchard, Jack Goody, Jane Guyer, Monica Hunter, Bronislaw Malinowski, Z.K. Matthews, D.A. Masolo, Achille Mbembe, Thomas Mofolo, John Middleton, Simon Ottenburg, JDY Peel, Mamphela Ramphele, Isaac Schapera, Monica Wilson and V.Y. Mudimbe.

The publishing programme is overseen by a Publications Committee. The committee draws on scholars from all disciplines, aiming to represent the key academic African studies institutions in the UK and beyond. The Publications Committee is determined to seek ways of bringing to the attention of the world at large the very considerable work being undertaken by scholars of Africa.

The IAI endeavours to make its publications available in Africa and other developing countries, through a number of initiatives. Co-editions or distribution with African publishers are sought where possible. Beneficial rights arrangements are offered to academic and non-profit institutions in the Southern countries. For books in the African Arguments series and Readings in… series, 150 copies of each new title are donated to African libraries on publication, in cooperation with the publishers and Book Aid International. In the International African Library series, 150 copies of each title are made available for co-publication or gratis distribution in Africa. Partnering institutions may arrange further bulk orders for distribution in Africa at cost. For details of arrangements for our journals, see the ‘African Countries initiative’.

IAI publications appear in a number of series:

International African Library
This major monograph series has published 40 critically acclaimed studies.

Readings in...
Edited volumes bring together the key texts, articles and book chapters relating to some main topical areas in African studies.

International African Seminars
Papers given at IAI-sponsored seminars appear as edited volumes.

Classics in African Anthropology
Out-of-print classic works of anthropology, IAI-originated and others, are republished with new introductions setting the originals in context.

African Arguments
Published since 2005, a series of short books about contemporary Africa and the critical issues and debates surrounding the continent.

Edited volumes
Selective new volumes sponsored by the International African Institute published with Cambridge University Press.

Other publications, not part of any particular series, are published from time to time: see our Other monographs or Backlist.